„Embark on a bubbly escapade with our agency’s exclusive Champagne Obvs Event at ‚Kubaschewski‘! Eight influencers graced the occasion, honing their champagne-sabering skills in a class brimming with effervescence. As they shared their experience through captivating stories, social media platforms came alive with the glint of sabers and the pop of champagne corks.

Indulge in the decadence of the evening as influencers showcased the art of sabering, creating a visual symphony that resonates across social media. Complementing the champagne spectacle, delectable oysters added a touch of gastronomic elegance to the affair.

Relish the fusion of champagne savoir-faire and influencer charisma, following the hashtag #KubaschewskiChampagneAffair. Elevate your online experience with us, where every sip is a celebration and every story, a toast to sophistication.


#ObvsStudios #ChampagneSaberClass #InfluencerEvent“

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