Bijou Brigitte’s Christmas Dinner at Marta Trattoria

Step into the world of refined jewelry and unforgettable experiences with Bijou Brigitte’s Christmas Dinner, flawlessly executed by OBVS Studios. Held at the esteemed Marta Trattoria in Munich, this soirée was a celebration of opulence and festive joy, meticulously curated to showcase the timeless beauty of Bijou Brigitte’s brand.

We took the reins of every detail, ensuring a seamless and magical evening for Bijou Brigitte and their esteemed guests. From conceptualization to execution, we orchestrated a Christmas Dinner that transcended expectations, held at the prestigious Marta Trattoria—an embodiment of culinary excellence.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed the entire spectrum of event planning. We not only crafted a stunning ambiance but also meticulously managed the guest list, extending exclusive invitations to press, influencers, and VIPs.

The magic wasn’t confined to the venue; we ensured every enchanting moment was immortalized through the lens of skilled photographers. Our team orchestrated seamless collaboration, capturing the essence of the evening, the joyous laughter, and the exquisite details that define Bijou Brigitte.

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    Bijou Brigitte
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